Tuesday, January 26, 2010

7 minutes in heaven

Yesterday I spent 7 minutes in heaven. Actually it was 45 minutes in a waiting room. A glorious waiting room. Pretty much the 'holy of holies' of waiting rooms. It was the inner sanctum of the Austin Breast Center. (I was having this old problem double checked. I'm fine.)

Here's what made it a heavenly experience:

  • I was alone. (I'm a loner, remember?)

  • There was a minifridge.

  • It was stocked with Diet Dr. Pepper.

  • Cozy couch.

  • A dozen current magazines.

  • Flat screen tv and a remote all for me.

  • Fluffy terrycloth robe, which I wore like a Snuggie.

  • Room is situated beyond a door that says 'No men permitted beyond this point.'

I think that's how they get busy moms to come back for another mammogram every year. Brilliant.


  1. Oooh! Me next, me next! :) Glad you had that time alone. You DESERVE it!

  2. Thanks Les! You would love it there.

  3. if only the procedure friday would have so many amneties ( I don't know how to spell that) but no I'll have to stick with foreign instruments up my vagina and they need to learn how to warm those instruments up!!!

  4. They validate parking in the St. Davids garage, too. Which no one else does for you unless you give birth.

    Rebekah, you definitely deserve a Snuggie for THAT appt.

  5. Isn't that funny? I heard a friend recently say she'd go to the gynecologist just for a break from the every day chaos of kids! Love that.

  6. I spent the morning at the Scripps Polster Breast Care Center here in San Diego and although they had murals painted on all of the walls and spa-like music plying...I felt like I was missing out...I did not have a mini fridge with diet Dr Pepper:(