Friday, January 29, 2010


Sometimes I wonder if the 'stolen' yogurt could actually have been misplaced. Or forgotten at home. Or already eaten by it's rightful owner, who may or may not be suffering from mommy brain.


  1. All distinct possibilities. I mean, who would ACTUALLY eat someone else's food? It's so hard to imagine someone walking in and just browsing for stuff they want to eat that isn't theirs!

  2. P.S. Maybe the date on it was 2 months ago and it was starting to puff up with bacteria growing, and someone threw it out because they didn't want it to explode! And the owner is only just now remembering that he/she put yogurt in the fridge a few weeks ago, which is actually a few months ago... Very mysterious!

  3. We just had a similar note put on our work fridge, but for Ice cream and they requested the $4 for it back. No one has fest up to the crime yet.

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