Saturday, January 9, 2010

Two days until my birthday.

Yup, in two days it's my birthday. So I just sent my husband an email reminder, text reminder, and also put a note on the refrigerator. Are you wondering why I am so gracious?

In 2007, Mike forgot my birthday.

For two and a half years I reminded him of his crime at EVERY time the following things came up in conversation:
  • cake
  • candles
  • birth
  • birthdays
  • gifts
  • wrapping paper
  • sad memories
  • things that will never be forgotten
  • celebration
  • January
  • the number eleven
  • the town of San Marcos (this was the setting of the '07 debacle)

And then in October of 2009, I forgot his birthday. And he never mentioned it.

BTW: I have a BIG announcement coming up on my birthday. Stay tuned!


  1. Life is so funny, isn't it? Your husband is such a gem! Now that you two are over all that forgetting, and ready to get on with the celebrating, what are your plans for the big day?

    I can't wait to read the big announcement!

  2. He is a gem. All I can think of that I want is a nap! I imagine we will just celebrate with a family movie night or something like that.

  3. you can't do that I need to hear the announcement now!!! ha!! happy early birthday

  4. Im very intrigued..!and Happy Birthday in advance...but i wouldnt ley him forget it either...i talk about mine for weeks ahead of time..thats all you have to I lost my other blog..yes lost...bye here is my new one..and i lost all my links as well..

  5. Thanks Robin. So sorry about your blog!

    Rebekah, I'll give you a hint. It's something BIG. Oh wait, you already knew that. ;)