Wednesday, January 27, 2010

4 months, highs AND lows

Today is Carolyn's 1/3 birthday. We didn't get a cake.

Here are my little punkin head's current favorite hobbies:

  • looking at her hands (This doubles as her superhero impersonation.)

  • screeching and laughing like there is a par-teh going on

  • rolling over and over and over (This doubles as her enchilada impersonation. I think she's going to be a TexMex fan like me.)

  • smiling at anyone who talks to her

  • taking baths

The big change for me during this past month of mommy-hood was going back to work. It's been tough, but we're doing fine. The main problems I'm struggling with are baby brain (or is it 'mommy brain'? I can't remember...) and sleep deprivation/moodiness. Examples:

  • I've missed my exit on my way to work twice in the past week. I've worked on the same street for four years.

  • On a nightly basis I go into the kitchen to take my vitamins, walk back to the living room, and then can't remember if I took the vitamins or not.

  • I recently tried to start a fight with my sweet hubby about RICE at 5 in the morning. Luckily he didn't take the bait. He must have gotten smart after the peanut butter spat the day before.


  1. I have missed my exit for work twice this year. so annoying, and I have no legitimate excuses.

  2. mommy brain is a pain. I do the vitamin thing too! Oh and smart man to not take the bait!

  3. I had to get one of those vitamin containers for each day of the week right after I had Adelyn, because I was in a constant debate with myself if I had already taken them or not. It made me feel less crazy, but also like an old lady. I no longer need it though. I think sleep makes a world of difference for "mommy brain."

  4. I've been stalling on getting the old lady daily pill box. I guess I should just do it since this seems to be such a common problem!

  5. Umm, I have never born children, and I think I have mommy brain. What does that mean? Just that I'm getting old, I guess! ha! Glad you are coping ok.

  6. although the newborn mommy brain does improve slightly it unfortunately never goes away! i still do brainless things constantly. the other day i called jay to ask him if he gave josiah his medicine and then a few hrs later i called him to ask the same question only to have him remind me he answered that when i called the first time! the old lady pill strip definitely helps me! love reading your blog...cracks me up!