Sunday, January 17, 2010

One year ago today

This weekend last year, we went to the lake to celebrate my birthday.

I suspected I might have been pregnant but planned on waiting until we got home to find out. I didn't want a negative test to put a damper on the weekend.

On Saturday morning I woke up before Mike. I felt pregnant. I don't mean morning sickness or any physical symptoms, I just knew I was pregnant.

So I made a quick trip to the store, returned to the lake house, took the test, and woke Mike up to have him wait the two minutes with me.

What a beautiful day.


  1. What a warm, fuzzy feeling I you just gave me on this Sunday morning! Thanks for sharing that story. Happy Day!

  2. Hey congratulations and Happy Birthday...Woooo Hooo..!so you kinda share a b-day with your baby in a way...!!!

  3. Lucky you! I remember breaking the news to Hubby about #1 and lemme tell ya' it was not quite so exciting. I'll have to share his funny story with my readers sometime. Thanks for sharing yours:)

  4. awwww---that is so touching.

    Even though I am up to my neck with kids, I still feel a little sad that I will never experience that again.

    Pregnancy is such a miracle. Sweet post :)