Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Being a teacher of seven and eight year olds, many of my 'clients' do not share well with others.

I have one real turkey in my class this year. He is FOREVER hoarding everyone's favorite classroom books in his desk, just so they can't read them.

Today one little girl had had enough.

After Turkey had denied many book requests from her friends, she marched right up to him and said "I COMMAND YOU TO GIVE ME OLIVIA!"

And he did.

This evening at Subway, I considered using her strategy on the sandwich artist who NEVER honors my request for easy lite mayo. I'll probably do it next time I'm feeling sassy.

What command would you like to give?


  1. thats younger daughter..CLEAN YOUR ROOM...!!

  2. to my roomates kidlets: Use Your Indoor Voice!

    Thanks for stopping bye and thanks for the encouragement. So far today my eating has been good.

  3. To my kids: Stop screaming and hitting each other.

  4. I just commanded the dog to get off my pillow.

    I will try once tomorrow to add the word "command" as I give directions to my class.

    I will also start calling my kids clients. That's my favorite part of your post today. Ha!