Saturday, January 2, 2010

Flip Flop

Every time my nephews come over this is how they spend their time:

A few days ago, two of them came to spend the afternoon with me. I REALLY want to be the fun aunt, so I thought I would scare them and get it on my beloved Flip camera.
I set up a scary guy in the fridge and put the camera in there also to catch their reactions.

Then I asked one of them to get me a diet coke, and waited for the fun.
Boy, was he terrified to find a monster in the fridge!

So, that was a flop.
Then I asked if they would like to make a craft.
No, they would not. That's lame.
So I asked what they wanted to do that was not lame.


  1. hahahahahahaha, that is so funny. You still are the fun aunt though. At least you spent some time with them.....kinda

  2. LOL! I wish my boys had a fun aunt like you. You can borrow them if you'd like.

  3. Haha that was a great idea but I think it takes a lot more to scare kids these days. Very crafty though!

  4. I'm making a very belated return visit to your blog. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    I laughed so hard at the video. Sounds like my attempts to scare my husband. LOL