Saturday, January 16, 2010

Did you know I'm THAT kind of mom?

When Carolyn was one week old I took her to church.

I had a horrifying experience while there. This is a transcript of the phone convo between me and my mom moments after church was over.

mom: Hello?

me: Mom, you will not BELIEVE what some total jerkwad at church did.

mom: What? Who?

me: The greeter! He said my baby was cute, then he TOUCHED HER MOUTH WITH HIS BARE HAND!

mom: Oh.

me: I know! I was like 'Are you finished infecting my baby? Can I go into the service now, or do you want to cough in her face?'

mom: I bet he just did it without thinking.

me: WHATEVER! That guy had shaken about 8 jillion hands before he touched her! I'm going to make a sign to stick on her that says 'Keep your nasty swine flu hands OFF my precious baby.'

mom: That seems a little extreme.

I think my mom thought I might actually make and wear such a sign. Next time I saw her she had gotten me a much more polite version. Two actually. I keep one on the carseat and one on the sling.

*If you are THAT kind of mom, too, you can order your sign here.


  1. THAT kind of mom is the best! Obviously, you are not alone, or you would have had to make the sign instead of being able to buy it.

  2. Afraid of germs? Crying? Having this baby has made you into a completely different person. I mean, you used to keep your spare change in your cup of soda...just sayin.

  3. That is too funny! I just saw someone at church tonight that had that exact sign attached to their daughter's carseat! I too would have flipped out if someone touched my baby after shaking everyone else's hand.

  4. That is way cool! I have never seen those signs before but sure wish I had them back when my kids were babies. I swear if someone sneezed 6 states over Caitlyn got it. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!!

  5. Thanks Brook and Sarah!

    Mer, I know! I hardly recognize myself anymore...

  6. I would have freaked out too! What was he thinking? I still have a germ issue with Ashlyn out in public, it's just about keeping them safe. A mother's job, it comes natural to us. That's funny there are actually signs though. lol