Thursday, January 7, 2010

name game

I recently read an article similar to this one while waiting to see the pediatrician. Did you know that people with too much money are PAYING consultants to help name their baby? I suspect this trend was prompted by the popularity of wacky Hollywood baby names. Everyone wants their own version of Apple Martin or Pilot Inspektor. Well, dear readers, you are in luck. I am providing a FREE list of unique baby names, courtesy of Facebook security words.

Boy names:
Inc. Fishery
Horace Camera
Hornet July
Kadinisberg Impugn
Ruez Morial
Barrell 3/8
Pygmy Cabana

Girl names:
Galiva Gruels
Martha Sequin
Truce Beekeeper
Sprout Alternator
Cotton-Gin Abbey
Fancy Lock-jaw
Halogen Funk

You're welcome.


  1. I have always thought it would be funny to name your kid "candle". or lloyd. those are my two free suggestions. any more suggestions, and it's gonna cost ya.

  2. LOL. Truce Beekeeper! I love it. That's up there with "Seven" which George Costanza fought about with someone... (I'm getting old. I forget who he argued with about that...Elaine?)

  3. Did these come from facebook . . . or Harry Potter? Hilarious!

  4. Joy, You are so funny! Love your blog! These names are crazy. Had a friend who dated a girl named Breezy Summer Fields. What are these parents thinking? That would be like David and I naming our kid "Bowlof Soup Campbell." That way the drivers lic would read, "Campbell, Bowlof Soup!" OR we could go with "MmmmMmmm Good."

  5. Jamie, those are both spectacular ideas! And Casey DOES want a little brother or sister...

    Brianna, my favs are the wizardy sounding ones. HP would be a good source too!