Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have always loved my alone time. In fact, that was the biggest struggle for my hubby and me the first months of our marriage. Since then, he’s learned to give me my space and I’ve learned not to need quite so much time to myself.
Now that I'm a mom, my alone time is pretty much zip.
HOWEVER, about once a week my hubby decides to take the baby with him while he runs an errand. It’s usually a quick trip to the grocery store. He knows I appreciate it, and he enjoys the daddy and daughter time.
The problem is it only lasts a short time.
You see, my sweet husband is not one to stock up on groceries. He rarely buys more than he needs for one meal. That means my solo time is really only about 30 minutes.

This week I got smart and asked if he’d pick up just a handful of things for me. Sucker.

Here’s the list I sent him with:
• Candied ginger
• Reduced sodium beef bouillon granules
• SoftSoap Peach Ginger refill
• Bendy straws
• Marshmallow cream

Have you ever sent your husband on a wild goose chase to get some time to yourself?


  1. I SOOOO relate to the need for alone time and the lack of it. Good idea on the scavenger hunt grocery list! CUTE blog.

  2. My mom sent Brian and Lindsay once to find what seemed to be an every day list when we were in Idaho. She was trying to get ready for a dinner party and they kept coming in the kitchen. However, they were gone for about 2 hours because they didn't know what a bunt pan was and were too afraid to ask for help. Needless to say the party was a success and she was able to get everything done as planned:) Maybe you can team up with another mother and create a weekly "father daughter play group" for the two husbands to bond with their girls! Good luck!

  3. Thanks Cass! I'm sure with two kids alone time is SERIOUSLY scarce. :)

    Good thinking Brook. Next time I'll ask for a bundt pan!

  4. I think bundt cakes in general are hilarious. I actually saw one at the store last night, laughed out and loud, and considered texting you that I had just seen one. There is a store in Cedar Park called "nothing bundt cakes". Of course, this also made me giggle thinking of replacing the word "bundt" with "butt"...which reminded me of how we changed the words in high school to the country song to make it say "you are the butt of my wife" instead of "you are the love of my life". That's good stuff.

    I just cut straight to the chase with the hubs. "leave me alone for x number of hours, please." Adding "please" to any statement makes it friendly, trust me. Of course I don't have kids yet, so for now I am just trying to figure out how to occupy one husband.

    But who are we kidding, I hate being alone. Which brings me to my point, let me babysit so you can have some alone time.

  5. Bring it Meredith! You can babysit and organize my closets at the same time. I just remembered how we used to laugh at the Victoria's Secret girl that tried to sell us the 'bunt pant'. Heehee!

  6. Love it Joy! Never thought in a million years to send Rusty on a wild goose chase! SOOOOOO glad to see you are doing so well! :-) Yes being a mom makes time alone none existant but it's kind of nice now they are in school about 2 days a week I might get a little bit of time!