Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you so much, my dear sweet blog readers, for solving the problem I wrote about yesterday. My quality of life improved drastically today. I had no idea that there was such an easy fix to my pumping problem. I didn't even buy one of the special pumping bras, I just cut holes in a bra I already had.

It works like a dream!

Here is all that I accomplished today in the 24 minutes I have for lunch, gracias a my newfound multitasking ability:

  • had a text conversation with my husband
  • ate pretzels, an orange, and a lite string cheese (I'm back on the wagon.)
  • made a 2nd grade math assesment for addition and subtraction with borrowing/ regrouping
  • had a phone conversation with a parent
  • produced 5 ounces of milk

I have never felt so productive!

Thanks again for the suggestions!


  1. Hooray! It seems your other blog readers are infinitely more creative than I!

    I wonder, how did you explain the strange background noise to your parent?

  2. This is an impressive list of things accomplished at lunchtime. I am not a pumping mother, and I am impressed with myself when I have time to chew all my carrots and eat my entire lunch! Well done.