Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dumb diets week grand finale: WW

If I were to write an autobiography, I could divide my life into chapters based on what version of Weight Watchers I was doing at the time. I've shared some of the other dumb diets I've done, but WW has always been my 'go to' diet.

I have started and quit WW a minimum of three times a year since I was ten years old. So at 29, that's about 57 times. That should qualify me as a lifetime member even though I've never reached my goal weight.

Here are a few of the highlights from my lifetime of WW:

* I remember a WW leader who would celebrate each members' loss by announcing how many 'sticks of butter' they'd lost. There are four sticks in a pound, so if someone lost half a pound, she'd say "Way to go, that's two sticks of butter!" I think of that every time I see a stick of butter.

* The last time I was a member (11-09), one chick shared the following recipe for 'WW Blizzard': in blender, combine one WW smoothie packet, five ice cubes, half a cup of water, and a nutri-grain bar. Blend for thirty seconds. Enjoy! DQ should file a lawsuit for slander.

*During one of my more successful runs with WW, I was attending meetings at 2pm on Sundays. Every week, I didn't eat anything before the meeting, then celebrated my weight loss with a sick amount of chips and queso immediately after.

*Eons before 'points' were discovered, there was a thing called a 'floater'. I lived for floaters.

* I remember when the 'fat and fiber' plan came in to power, ousting the check-off box system. I felt liberated.

*When 'fat and fiber' gave way to the points system, I quickly figured out how to only eat junk food and still lose weight.

*Dottie's Weight Loss Zone. If you haven't experienced this bit of Americana, you really should check it out.

Has anyone else had a longstanding love hate relationship with Weight Watchers?


  1. Hey There, come get your award....!!

  2. That sounds like the worst "blizzard" ever. No wonder you quit LOL