Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hopeless multitasker seeks suggestions

I am a hopeless multitasker.

I cannot stand to do just one thing at a time. I leave every faculty meeting with a detailed grocery list. I blog while nursing baby C. But I've met my match. Yes, the breastpump.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to pump milk and accomplish a secondary task that a gal can feel proud of. If you've never been hooked up to one of these beauties, should know that it takes two hands on-deck at all times.

What makes this situation so awful is that I pump at work several times a day. So I'm staring at so many tasks that need my attention, and unable to do any of them.

I have tried a few secondary tasks and failed. My least embarrassing failure was trying to text with my nose. My nasal dexterity just wasn't up for the task. And I think I may have licked my desk. That wouldn't be such a problem if I wasn't an elementary teacher. But since it's flu season, I'm giving up on that one.

I have started drinking Diet Dr Pepper through a straw while I pump. It works, but it doesn't give me the satisfaction that true multitasking does.

I need help, ladies! Give me your best suggestion of what I can do hands-free while milking myself.


  1. lol, another point for the adoption side. :P I can't think of anything you can do, but then again I am so A.D.D. I don't do much for a long period of time.

  2. I can sympathize, as I am pumping at this very moment. My best suggestion: learn how to pump one-handed. I just about went crazy before I figured it out. I am also a multi-multitasker; need to do 5 things at a time. Try this... hold one bottle in the crook of your arm and the other bottle with that same hand. I'd send a picture, but that would be inappropriate. -Devon

  3. Texting with your nose? Ha!

    Sadly, I have no suggestions. I have pumped many, MANY times. Can't say I miss those days. All I could do was stare at the t.v. Since you are at work, um, pray? Meditate? Practice memorization of some sort?

    Good luck!

  4. Joy I have been where you are (except a corporate situation and jerks mooing through my office door)THe pump was invented by a very wise and smart momma. It was made as God intended - to SLOW YOU DOWN! Us multaskers will only slow donw when forced - embrace it, you will miss you real excuse to just sit and be once you are done!
    ON a side note at one point i bought a huge sports bra and pulled it over the top of them.

  5. hey joy! they make bras that hold the pumps in place (it's graphic, so ck it at home LOL):

  6. Oh my goodness! I was sick for a few days, and look at all I missed. Hilarious! I am laughing out loud. Thanks, Joy!