Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'll have mine RAW

Day three of 'dumb diets' weeks is dedicated to the raw foods diet.

It is not inherently a dumb diet. It's a dumb diet for me because I don't like vegetables, and I mainly eat fruit just to be pc.

The gist of the raw diet is to eat only raw fruits and vegetables. Nothing cooked at all. This diet also forbids diet coke. In fact, raw foodies refer to soda as 'chemical soup.' And they mean that in a bad way.

I tried this diet in college when I lived in Los Angeles. It was very popular then, and I think it might still be. One thing I love about LA is that they don't even pretend that weight loss is about bettering your health. I knew lots of people who ate raw, and I think all of them smoked. At first this seemed laughable, and then I realized it really helped. Don't worry. I quit.

One of my colleagues at the restaurant where I waited tables introduced me to the diet. She claimed she was always in a state of euphoria and it was because her insides were so incredibly clean due to raw foods. Of course I had to try it. About three weeks into the diet, I learned my waitress friend was just nuts and the euphoria had nothing to do with kale.

After I gagged on beet juice I decided to give the 'stop dieting' diet a try. More on that one tomorrow.


  1. I recently listened to someone giving a talk about this diet and why it was *so* great. They didn't mention the weight loss... but they did say that the healing enzymes found in raw vegetables, raw nuts, etc would get absorbed into your system where they would begin to heal your body. This is a huge load of poo.

  2. I bet raw is big in CO. Interestingly, raw foodies talk a lot about poo. :)

  3. I love this diet because of the cleansing perspective, although I don't really get why you can't cook the vegetables. I think I also discovered this one in LA and I was definitely a smoker. I hold this dumb diet in my fond memory section (ps...getting a chance to catch up on trophymama because of a SNOW DAY!).