Thursday, February 11, 2010

Parent Teacher Conferences, demystified

I have conducted 19 teacher-parent conferences in the last 36 hours. I'm pretty sure that qualifies me as some sort of expert.

If you have such a meeting with your child's teacher coming up, you may want to study my parent-teacher conference thesaurus where you can cross-reference what the teacher says and what the teacher means.

  • "He / she is great at science!" = Can't read, can't add.

  • "He / she is very active!" = 1)Please stop feeding him / her sugar coated chocolatey sprinkle flakes before school. 2)Please medicate your child.

  • "I'd like to see him / her become more of an independent worker." = Your kid follows me around all day like a hungry abandoned puppy.

  • "He / she is a sensitive child." = Crybaby.


  1. I remember those codes when I taught. Too bad teachers can't just say what they mean. :-)

  2. Good to know! I've gotten the "energy" remark since Carter entered Preschool. Luckily, he's mellowed.....but every now and then, it sneaks back in.

    Loved this post.

  3. omg..u r right...with your dictionary..

    I was a good kid in school - i'm trying to remember if i got any of these

  4. That is so funny and I'm sure so true.