Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dining etiquette

Today when I picked my class up from the cafeteria after lunch, one of my boys was in trouble.

The offense: trying to stick grapes underneath the bottoms of his classmates.

When I asked why (after I quit laughing), he said:

I just wasn't hungry for grapes today.

Watch out, friends. I think he was really onto something. Next time I have unwanted food on my plate, I just might stick it under the bottom of my dining companion.


  1. Thats funny..dont kids just give us the greatest ideas...maybe ill try too..under the hubs...not a grape though...maybe some avocado..dont know why..?

  2. Today I learned that if you drink too much soda, you get NOSE BURPS!!

  3. Hey, I know we were supposed to get together soon for some food, but I'm rethinking that now in case you don't want what we're having!