Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dumb diets, take four

As I mentioned yesterday, the trauma of the raw foods diet sent me into a tailspin going the opposite direction.

Day four of 'dumb diets' week is dedicated to the 'never diet again' diet.

I had heard that some of my church friends were losing weight following a plan that involved giving up dieting and eating whatever they wanted. Their plan involved a lot of prayer, asking God to relieve them of their struggle with weight.

I skipped the praying and went strait for the cinnamon rolls.

I thoroughly enjoyed this diet for about a month. When my clothes started getting too tight the party was over.

Did anyone else try a version of this one?


  1. i love you Joy!! I recommend you try the master cleanse as part of your dumb diet week. It actually takes 10 days but you can blog your ass off about all kinds of stuff that happens when you do it. I love it and I don't think its dumb, but you might, because lots of people, including lots of doctors, think its really dumb. Good luck!

  2. I love your honesty.

    And, I've been on this version my whole life!

  3. Yeah, I'm with Starnes. I'm pretty much on this one all the time. Glad you gave it a name. :)

  4. Thanks Yessica! That may be one of the few diets I've never tried! I did do a 'miracle Hollywood cleanse' once,which could be similar. It was like a 20 oz bottle of orange juice (not the juice of an orange) that you drank every day for three days and ate NOTHING. Of course you lost quite a bit of weight, but I don't think that qualifies as a miracle. I'm sure Dr. Pepper work just the same.

    Starnes & Leslie, I wish I could be so consistent!

  5. This just about killed me when I read this. Hilarious! I think I might have had a tear or two of laughter about this. So true. Thanks for the laugh. I came over from The Sun is Always Blue.

    My word verification was rumba. Just thought that was kinda funny.