Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fat free revolution

Remember these?

Day five of 'dumb diets' week is an ode to the 'fat free' lifestyle.

The same year that I was obsessed with this movie, I became convinced that if I ate no fat I would get skinny.

As if a gift from heaven above, Nabisco came out with fat free Devil's food cookies about the same time. I remember it took some luck to score a box, because they were selling so fast.

I think this was also around the time that WOW chips came out. Remember the chips fried in Olestra? LIKE Doritos, but with a warning of 'anal leakage' printed on the back. WOW indeed!

My other fat free faves were skittles, starburst, and pasta.

It is no surprise that I did not get skinny despite my commitment to SnackWells and skittles. And I developed a pretty bad snacking habit. SnackWell my ass.


  1. I did the fat free diet in college. There are no no fat grams in beer. Or vodka.

  2. I used to eat so many of those cookies because I thought that calories didnt I also rememeber Olestra that made my poo all greasy...mmm..what a thought...greasy poo..and then you look in toilet and think wow all that couldve been in me..Woo Hoo..!!

  3. Okay, I'm loving this dumb diets series.

    And I seem to remember an unpleasant weekend at the lake with WOW chips.

  4. Oooo, that reminds me of the Entenmann's "Fat Free" iced brownies that were about 18 inches by 6 inches. I'd cut off a tiny strip and enjoy it like nothing I'd ever had before! My sisters and I were convinced it was not fat free at all, but since it said it was, on the box, we kept eating it. It was so moist and deeelicous! I looked for it a year or so ago and couldn't find it at all. Someone probably finally took it to a lab and reported them for the false label.