Sunday, February 28, 2010

5 months, highs and lows

Sweet C turned 5 months old yesterday. And I'm not happy about it. Because next comes 6 months, which is just 30 days away from seven months. Seven months is closer to one year than to 0 years. I just don't like it.

This month has been delightful, however. She's moved on from rolling over to wanting to sit up ALL THE TIME. She can't do it by herself, but don't tell her that. Fortunately Grandma got her a Bumbo seat. She loves it. She's still a happy baby. She laughs and laughs at anyone who will talk to her. She's starting grabbing things and is SO happy with herself when she does.

The lows this month are all time management related. It is REALLY hard for me to be a good wife, mom, and teacher all at the same time. It's seriously way harder than I expected. Notice this months' picture is C hanging out in my classroom. There's just not enough time to get things done well. Things that are not top priorities just don't get done, even if they are important.
Eg: baby wipes + deodorant = shower.


  1. Ha! Where I come from, that's called a hooker shower, and can be a perfectly acceptable form of personal hygiene.

    C looks like a little multi-tasker already! ...just like her mom. You are doing a great job at all your roles! Keep it up.

  2. yes, time management is not my friend:( She looks mighty cute helping you work!