Thursday, June 17, 2010

There's only so much you can do with a chicken.

You can pet them.

Then you can feed them lettuce.

More lettuce.

Make them jump for it.

Hang some lettuce up for them, like a pinata.

Then you can tickle them.

With a feather, of course.

If they run, that means they like it.

You should chase them.


  1. That niece of yours is adorable!! D says she wants chickens too. You are quite a trendsetter!

  2. It looks like she is having a lot of fun with the chickens!

  3. Then you can eat them! But not these particular chickens, other ones. Definitely not these.

  4. That is too cute. They look rather nice though. Love the tickle picture...too funny.

  5. Ella loves our chickens as well - and has managed to catch feathers and even a tail on more than 1 occasion. See - we mountain folk are just like everyone else. :)

  6. I want chickens too! Fresh eggs are also a big part of the motivation for me...

  7. too cute! didn't realize chickens liked lettuce

    (I guess you could always cook them, but not these chickens :)


  8. Calling by from Italy, via Chocolate Brick. We used to have black and white hens like that, the breed we had were Marans. Lovely big brown eggs.

  9. Those chickens look pretty fun. I bet my daughter would love a play date with them.