Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer, week 3

It's only week three of summer vacation and I feel like it is slipping through my greedy little hands already!

Remember this list?  Well, I am hitting it hard core!  Pronto!  So if I slip behind on blogging/commenting, you'll know why!

I have made some progress already, btw.

I've written a second draft of one children's story, and a first draft of another one.  (Don't get too impressed, these are easy readers for kids just learning to read.  But funny ones, though, for all the elementary teachers / mamas out there sick and tired of trying to get kids pumped about reading lame-o phonics readers.)  Now I need to write cover letters (or are they called letters of intent?  See?  This is why I get stuck!) and send them off to get published or rejected.

I've also cooked.  Here's a picture to prove it:

I know making a stir fry is nothing to write home blog about, but I just had to celebrate having cooked at all, and especially having cooked something that my husband AND I actually liked.  We have completely different preferences when it comes to food.  He's from Africa, remember?  And I am from the island of TexMexIa.  This is what he eats:

The recipe is here on Home Cooking with Sonya.    Of course I mean the stir fry recipe, not the recipe for the African food. 

I made a few changes though, to make it more 'figure friendly' as RR would say.  I sauteed the chicken instead of frying it, added carrots and pineapples, and used brown rice.  If you're feeling lucky you could just pour some of each of these ingredients in a bowl, mix it up, dump it in a pan with cooked chicken, bring it to a boil, then let it simmer for 10 minutes and serve over rice:

Moving on.  I have not jogged.  Not even jogged in place.  Or jogged to the mailbox.  In fact, I would like to revise that goal.  I want to faithfully walk six days a week instead.  (It's my list, I can do that.)

I would also like to add "veg out" to my list.  That way I have another thing to check off.


  1. I only run when chased. And sometimes I just lie down and hope they don't hurt me too much.

  2. how fun you are writing some children's books; it is good to have variety when kids are learning how to read! good luck with getting it published; that will be exciting for sure!

    the stir fry looks good; hubby and me have very similar tastes in food but he's our cook in the family (and actually enjoys doing it)

    go out and have fun and work on your list; I always say blogs are always here when we get back to them


  3. Whoo hoo it looks fabulous! love the changes you made to it aswell:P I havent ran in I can walk walking more than jogging..I need to walk.

  4. I didn't know your husband was from Africa. I'd be interested to know how you two met.

    The food looks great. You make me laugh-you never disappoint! Definitely add "veg out" to your list. It's important.

  5. OMG. I can't wait to read the books! Maybe it will be like the blog and you will inspire me to do some too. I hope so.

    Also, walking is good, and we are kicking it into high gear when I get back. I think I've gained 5 pounds on this trip, and I still have a week left.

    Vegging out is AWESOME. You should def add that to the list.

    Also loving the pics of M eating. What a good sport he is to let you put him on the blog. Wait. You DID ask his permission, right? Or did you tell him the pics were to show C how to eat in Africa? Either way, your secret's safe with me. :)