Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sundays in my city: Greengate Farm edition

Unknown Mami

C and I had a great time visiting Greengate Farm for some fresh fruit, veggies, and meat. (Confession:  this happened on Saturday, not Sunday.  The farm isn't open on Sundays.)

This is the best kind of farmer's market, because it's really at the farm.  So you can check out the animals, etc...

I really like going.  It's not a huge selection.  It's not a huge farm.  Just nice people and great fresh produce.

Chickens just walk around all over the place.  Which also happens at my house.  But for some reason it really tickles me to see the same thing on a farm.

We also got to see a bunch of pigs. 
I've heard it said that pigs are actually very clean animals.

I'm not buying it.

I also saw this chair.  Sitting on a trailer.  It reminded me of
Archie Bunker.  (Which I assure you I only saw in reruns.  I'm not that old.)

I've been thinking about this chair all day long. 
I wonder if it was being delivered or being hauled away.
Hauled away may seem like the obvious choice. 
But I met the farmer.
And he seems cool like that.  You know, more 'Pole Barn' than 'Pottery Barn'.  An individual.  A free thinker.  I love people like that.
I think it just might have been a delivery.

You know who else I love?

This girl.


  1. looks like a great place to go for fresh produce! I'm with you about pigs; they don't look very clean to me. what a cutie your daughter is!!

    hope you all have a nice day and happy father's day to your husband!


  2. The last picture is so cute! The dual pig shot is very cool. They are looking at each other sideways! I'm with you. I don't think their that clean of animals. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a fantastic day. She is such a beauty! I really like farms and farmers! I love buying from them because it is fresh and also because I love supporting a small business.

  4. I love farms too. We have plenty of farms in the country side, but all the farmers get into the market square twice a week to sell their produce.It would be fun to visit a farm. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Ha ha..I love thos pig photos..Farms are the best aren't they. The veggies taste sooo much better and I just love it when I see chickens running around.

    That is one adorable little girl:)

  6. The smiling face at the end of the post is perfection. You got me thinking about that chair and what kind of a history it must have.

  7. What a fun farmers market! I love markets like that. I haven't been to one in a while, but I'm hoping to go to one soon. Although I have to say that I've never been to one that was at an actual farm. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing SIMC with me! :-D

  8. How could you not love that girl...she's adorable!

    Archie Bunker HAHAHA That show was classic...I only saw reruns too!

  9. Thanks for stopping by! That chair reminds me of Archie Bunker too!

    Thanks for the compliment on my blog design -I did it myself and have been doing blogs for Wordpress and Blogger.

  10. This is my kind of "grocery" store. I'd be in heaven here.

    And the last little chick is gorgeous :-)

    Happy SIMC,

  11. Next time you visit the farm I want to join you - I love fresh food, farm life even if I'm a city girl :)
    Have a good week ahead,
    SIMC greetings from Casablanca again!


  12. awww she is a cutie and that pig picture is great!

  13. love the farm life...and miss the fresh veggies terribly. best thing to raise children on.

  14. Oh wow! She's growing so fast in just a few weeks! I can't believe it. So looking forward to seeing your smiling faces in person again soon!! Miss you guys.