Friday, June 4, 2010

Best day of the year

Ahh, the first day of summer.  The longest point from returning to work.  So fresh.  So new.  Like the first bite of a peach log of cookie dough.

Here are my goals for the summer:

1.  Finish and submit one children's story to multiple publishing houses.  I want to be a REAL writer.  They say published writers get rejected dozens of times on average before being published.  I'm hoping to be rejected half a dozen times before 2011.

2.  Get Carolyn to nap in her crib.  (This will contribute to #1 considerably.)

3.  Study up on Spanish indirect object pronouns.  Those suckers have been giving me problemas for years.

4.  Cook.

5.  Jog!  Slowly.

6.  Stop making so many lists.


  1. Ha! Dontcha mean make MORE lists? I love a good list. Especially a funny one like this. Besides, a professor once told me that nothing you write can be remotely any good until you've at least written 10,000 words. Lists would help considerably with that. So will #1 and #2. And writing more blog posts. :)

    heehee. Fresh as a bite of cookie dough. Mmm. Cookie dough.

  2. You and me both, sister. I need to stop farting around and start submitting articles and writing my novel.

  3. I absolutely love reading your blog. Makes me laugh every time. Good luck with your summer goals!