Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sandwich bags

Recently I helped my dear friend FabuLeslie clean out her closet. I came home with a bag full of her cast-offs. My favorite of which was a sandwich bag.

The second I saw it I knew my dream of having a purse specifically designed to carry a sandwich was close to coming true. 
"You have to let me have that one,"  I told her.
 "Why?  Because it's a triangular prism?"  (She knows me very well.  Including my affinity for triangular prisms.) 
"Yes!  And so I can carry sandwiches anywhere, with ease.  And they won't come unwrapped.  Or get smashed."  I told her.

It works.  Like a charm.  Like a turkey-swiss charm.

There's even some room left over for a brownie an apple.

I like it so much that I wrote it a haiku:

sandwich holding queen
so useful for lunch time tube
triangular prism

Of course a pb and j would not work in my newly acquired sandwich bag.  I have Ziploc bags for that.  I am so cheap green that I can't bear to throw them out after one use.  In my family, we joke about how my sweet and practical grandma used to rinse her Ziploc bags and hang them up to dry.  She would be happy to see this very common sight in my kitchen.

I don't know what she'd say about this other very common sight in my kitchen:

But I bet she would say "That's a fine hen."

Anything interesting going on in your kitchen today?


  1. Hi! Thanks for your comment - yes, ER is definitely very gifted. She has been a smarty pants since birth. Hence, the goal to not let her be an EVIL genius ;)

  2. You are so witty Joy! I'll be watching to see if you use the triangular prism sandwich carrier in the fall. :)

  3. Missy- I LOVE your blog! I am so delighted that you left me a comment! I will never wash this blog post again.

    Heidi, thanks! Hope you are having an awesome day on the road!

  4. that is a cute purse!! and I can see how it would be perfect for a sandwich and a few extras tossed in!! too cute about washing Ziplog bags and re-using them; don't hate me but I try to be green, but its hard to sometimes break old habits

    nothing much going on in my kitchen today except the dog trying to mooch a few treats here and there :)

    enjoy the rest of the weekend :)


  5. Joy, I have had such slow internet connections on this trip that I have not been able to read blogs and comment as normal. I have tried to come see yours and I'm so glad I have been able to stay in touch! That purse is so awesome as a sandwich-holder, I kinda want it back now. Not really. But I do like the idea of carrying food items in a purse. I have to say that I think a Toblerone bar would fit nicely, too.

  6. my grandmother rinses out paper towels and hangs them up to dry to reuse them. paper freaking towels!!

  7. Wow! I have never even considered reusing paper towels, and I am CHEAP! That is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I want one of those green things! Not only would it help my bags dry, it would look like I actually have plants!

  9. That is an awesome sandwich bag.