Monday, December 28, 2009

Three months. Highs AND lows

It's hard to believe my little sweetie pie angel face is three months old already. She is a happy and pretty calm baby (except for this habit). She loves to laugh and smile and coo at anyone who talks to her. She seems to be especially crazy about her grandpa. She loves baths and has started rolling over. She has finally gotten the hang of thumb sucking. Before I became a mom I said I would never bore people with what percentile my baby was in for head size, length, and weight. That's why I won't mention that she's in the 5oth percentile for all of them. Some might call that average. I call it perfect.

I could just stop there. But I won't. The goal of my blogging is to entertain as well as to give an HONEST glimpse into my life as a working mommy and wife. So here you go. These are just a few of the moments of the past three months that will not win me any parenting awards:

1. On Christmas day I staged the living room with toys we already owned, so that in the future Carolyn will think Mommy and Daddy gave her some presents.

2. I peed with the sling on. Twice.
3. I bumped C's head on the car door frame while getting her out of the sling.
4. I hide the disposable diapers from my hubby to force his participation in cloth diapering.
5. Once when I noticed she was mesmerized by Divorce Court, I hopped in the shower instead of engaging her in something more appropriate.

Anyone else feel like sharing an UNglorious moment from their life?


  1. Ok, since you shared, I will too.

    1) I don't have a child, but I do have a baby. She's a French Bulldog. She should weigh about 19 pounds, but, coming back from her grandparents' house at Christmas finds her at a not-so-svelte 22 pounds (3 pounds may not sound like much, but do the math on the percentage of total body weight). I have committed to staying vigilant about her weight so as to prevent arthritis and breathing problems that can be so prevalent in this breed. Still, I wanted to sleep past the crack of dawn this morning to recover from the 13 hour drive I had with her yesterday. She slept for 12.5 of those hours, so she was raring to go this morning at 7:00. I fed her breakfast at 7:00 a.m. so she would go back to sleep happy and full after our walk. Then when she woke up an hour later, I filled her kong with food, and let her play with it until the food was gone and she was full and happy, napping again. Ahh, peaceful sleep.

    2) I watched G-string Divas on HBO last night until midnight, which I guess can't scar her for life like it would if she were a human. I find those women fascinating! Still, I felt mildly guilty that she was in the room. It was not my proudest (canine)motherhood moment.

  2. OMG... you crack me up! I have officially been in my pajamas for two days and I love it.

  3. Ok when my first was about 3 months...I laid her in the middle of my waterbed..yes waterbed...with surrounding pillows..but she managed to roll over one, and I saw her from a short I ran, ran ,ran, and dove onto the bed to save her from rolling to the side....just to shift the water enough to catapult her onto the floor....OMG...I am very bad...she still likes it when I tell the story..???...why... I guess to show that I fuck up too....LOL

  4. Robin, I LOVE the visual image of a catapulted baby! And water beds are just funny whatever the situation.

    Ms. G, staying in pajamas is my goal for today. I'm doing GREAT so far. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I love the pick of C with toys behind her. What a cutie pie. I still use the restroom with Susanna on my lap. I dream of the day that I can use the restroom without someone banging on the door, yelling at me or sitting on my lap!

  6. Cass that is hilarious! Thanks for letting me know what I have to look forward to!

  7. you are one funny mama! i have a lot of those moments too, however I've conveniently forgotten most of them. Here's one I still practice:

    Instead of pajamas, I dress my kids in the clothes they will wear for the following day so I can save myself 10 minutes in the morning.