Saturday, December 19, 2009


My otherwise calm baby spends a LOT of time screaming in the car. It just started about a week ago. At first I thought she was being attacked by a wild swarm of bees. When I found no evidence of bees and the screaming didn't stop, I realized she just doesn't like being in the car seat. What a five-point harness offers in safety, it lacks in comfort. Who can blame her? I've pretty much gotten used to it now.

Yesterday as I was in the scream-mobile getting my hubby his large coffee with eight creams and ten sugars from the window at Mickey D's, the teenager with the headset asked "Is your baby upset?"

That's a dumb question.

This brought to mind a few of the dumb questions I come across frequently.

*At Target, even if my total is under a dollar, the card swiping machine asks "do you want it all on the card?"

*Several times a week when I lose my keys, my husband asks "Are they in your purse?"

*At school EVERY SINGLE DAY at least one of my darling second graders asks "Are we going to lunch today?" (This is public school, kid, lunch is our main requirement.)

What FAdumbQ's do you never tire of answering? Please share!


  1. My fav is "are we there yet?"
    cute blog!

  2. How about when a cop pulls you over and says, "Good afternoon, Ma'am, do you know why I stopped you today?"

    "Ummm. Because I was going 74 in a 60?"

    I never know what a good response is to that dumb question.


  3. Les,
    That's a good one I never would have thought of. It happens to you more than most people! ;)

  4. joy--love this. when I was pregnant with twins I went through a drive thru and this girl asked me,"if I had ever had twins before" to which my response was "no I do not make this a regular habit" to which she replies "well just so you know it is going to be hard." lovely lady I tell you.

  5. Haha! She's lucky you're so sweet Vicky. Some pregnant chicks would have pulled her through the window!