Saturday, December 26, 2009

redneck bread truck

This afternoon while I was out running errands, I passed a loaf of bread in the street. Just laying there. On a busy four lane road. That made me very curious. Here are a few of the possibilities I came up with:

a) kids playing in the car got out of hand and launched bread out the window
2) someone gave up carbs abruptly on the way home from the grocery store

Lucky for me, a few miles down the road I stopped at a red light and got the truth. It was a redneck driving a pickup full of un-boxed loaves of bread with no tailgate, of course. If that's not enough to make you love Austin, TX I don't know what is.

Thank you, redneck bread truck man, for keeping Austin weird. For more examples of Austinites keepin' it weird, click here.


  1. I like your version of what happened better...anyway where is he taking those loaves I wonder...and who would purchase them to sell..??and where did he get them..I could go on and on...right??...what kind of bread is it fresh...see what I mean ..what a great converstion starter...Thanks..for that!!

  2. I suspect that if I gave up carbs suddenly by getting up the guts to throw it out the window, it might be a commitment I could keep! Ha! Keep Austin WEIRD!