Monday, December 21, 2009


I was so sad this morning to hear the news that Brittany Murphy died. So young. So talented. So sad.
When I think of Brittany Murphy one movie comes to mind.

Clueless came out in 1995, my freshman year of high school. I loved it. I'm sure I've seen this movie several dozen times. I think for about six months I watched it with friends every weekend. What could be more enjoyable than rich witty teenagers?

I think it was 1997 before I quit using the line 'I broke in my purple clogs' every time someone asked what I did that day. Whenever the topic of driving/ cars/ driver's ed came up I was sure to mention that 'I fully intend to brake for small animals.' (You can find more Clueless quotes here.) Fortunately Billy Madison came out that same year. So if someone rolled their eyes in annoyance at my constant Clueless quoting, I could shut them down with 'Stop looking at me, Swan.'

I'm sure the media will have all sorts of things to say about Brittany Murphy and the way she died. I'll ignore all of it, and remember her fondly as part of the movie that I loved so much in 1995.

Did anyone else spend that year trying to be Clueless?


  1. I wore knee socks my whole sophomore year! I also remember trying to get out of PE using some lines from that movie...

  2. If I had a dollar for every time I sang "Rollin' With the Hommie" (with the hand motion dance) I would be very rich!
    Also, when I arrived at Pepperdine (1999), I would always respond "Everywhere in L.A takes twenty minutes!"

  3. Brook, I think I remember you saying that! PS, when I think of what your high school experience must have been like, I think of Clueless. ;)

  4. I've enjoyed using the word Sporatic ever since that movie. It's a small part in the movie, but if you've watched it as many times as I have (which you obviously have) then I'm sure you'll recognize the part I'm talking about. I have TONS of memories from that movie...definitely probably one of my most watched movies ever. I am not the type to watch a movie twice, but that movie was so light and funny, I must have watched it 5-8 times. In fact, now you've got me wanting to go see it again!
    I think I was a freshman in the 94-95 school year, so we must be the same age!
    My favorite character was of course, Murray, and probably my favorite scene is when he is getting his head shaved and Dionne (am I remembering her name correctly??) threatens to call his Mom to make him open up the door.
    Actually there are really too many good parts of that movie to pick one.
    Can you believe I've been going on about Clueless for this long?! I can't!!!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who forgets about spaghetti sauce on the stove! Hope you were able to save your pot, too!

  5. Thanks, Annie! I had forgotten about 'sporatic' but I know I used that a lot too, back in the day! I think Murray is the only reason I like 'Scrubs'!

  6. Sadly I was out of High School when this movie came out, but it is one of my favorites! The quotes from it are endless. One of my favs is:
    Dionne: Phat! Did you write that?
    Cher: Duh. It's like a famous quote.
    Dionne: From where?
    Cher: Cliff's notes.

  7. I don't remeber much about the movie itself, but I know that our third daughter was 13 years old in 1995. She loved that movie!

    Vickie S.

  8. I have subjected my kinder girls to this movie (fast fowarding through most of it) but that was/is my fav movie of all time, and i am not ashamed. I did get a fred segal tailored shirt, someone at bwood stole my sweatervest plain pants outfit that i never really got over, As if!

  9. Just stumbled on your blog....I totally started crushing Paul Rudd the first time I saw Clueless.....he's hilarious too...he's also pretty popular...Rolemodels, Anchorman, Knocked Up, and I Love You, Man..... :D