Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break day 5

Yesterday my life got easier. Can I get an 'amen'?

You see, for the past 5 months and 18 days,

I've carried Carolyn in a sling on trips to the grocery store,

like any 'attachment parent' worth her salt would do.

Well, that's not the only reason.

I have this weird paranoia that I will someday run into my chosen parenting guru,
Dr. Sears himself, at Target.
And I will have no icebreaker if I'm not wearing my baby.
Surely Dr. Sears will not judge me for taking advantage of the grocery cart seat
now that C can sit up.
Maybe I'll attach myself to the cart with some sort of tether.
Just to be safe.
Now I'm off to watch the movie 'Precious'.
Just in case I run into Oprah.


  1. So funny, wearing your baby! I love that phrase. Um, I know the good doctor wouldn't judge you, unless he did so by holding up a card with a 9.8 on it (I'm sorry, I had to take off .2 points because you don't appear to be attached to the cart with a tether and that is very hazardous to the baby). Then he would hand you a trophy and everyone would call you Trophy Mama. After all, you DO have the most comprehensive, safe germ-away cart cover one can buy, right? Or did you make that sweet little number? Because I think I may want one to protect my purse next time I go shopping.

  2. She just gets cuter everyday..hi Joy how have you been..hope you are enjoying your spring break...!

  3. Ha! Great post!! I love seeing your little gal swallowed up in that huge cart cover.

    And how was Precious? Just in case Oprah calls me to ask . . .

  4. I love your toile grocery cart cover! I need to get a cute one. :) I still tote Adelyn in the car seat, but that will change very soon!!!

  5. I loved my shopping cart cover, it was almost identical to that one if not the same. She sat in it probably until 2. I'm a germ phobe when it comes to my kids haha.