Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday update

No change.
Hear ye, hear ye.

I have an announcement.

Remember my series on dumb diets? 

I thought so.

Well, I've been thinking. 

I'm afraid I may be on the path 'dumb diets' part deaux.  Again.  Because I've been dieting, again.  Even though it's not an official specific diet, I have been choosing what I eat in order to lose weight, obsessing about food, trying not to eat, making it to 'weigh in day', then pigging out for a day or two, then starting all over.

So this chick is going to try something new. 

I will be copying the behaviors of the few 'naturally thin non-dieters' that I know, and seeing what happens.

I have a theory that if I 'fake' being a normal eater for long enough, it will someday become my real habit, and I will gradually reach and maintain a healthy weight.

This theory is based on a small amount of experience with another self-defeating habit.  In the past, I've always immediately criticized myself and looked for what was wrong with me when I looked in a mirror.  Of course I don't want C doing that, so since she was born, every time I look in a mirror with her, I immediately say "What a pretty baby and what a pretty mommy!"

Of course it felt weird at first, but now I find myself saying it even when she's not with me.  And it's nice.

So I'll be making changes in my eating that don't feel natural or comfortable at first, and hopefully they will soon feel right.

I'll continue to post my weight on Mondays in order to track my progress.

Meeting ejourned.


  1. The whole thing sounds very insightful of you! I like it. Keep us posted on how things go and what you learn along the way. I've often watched my thin sister choose something when we are at a restaurant together, and then I look at my choice, and it seems painfully obvious why I am 6 sizes bigger than she is. Maybe I should try this too!

  2. I like the looking in the mirror thing.

  3. I love how you always keep pushing yourself--you never give up. It's inspiring to me.