Friday, March 12, 2010

If you look under 'gullible' in the dictionary...

My hubby recently showed me this goat picture on his laptop while we were discussing our upcoming trip to Uganda.

He said, 'see, this is one of the goats I have back home.
If you ever need anything from the market,
you just put a basket around his neck and send him to get it.'

"WHAT?" I ask,
"How does he know what to get?"
"You put your list and your money in the basket,
and the guy at the market fills your order," he says.
"What if it doesn't all fit in the basket?" I ask.
"Then the guy sends a kid to deliver it to you," he says.
"A 'kid' like another goat, or a human?" I ask.
"A human," he says.
"How do they know who the goat belongs to?" I ask.
"Why do white people think all goats look alike?"
he says.
Then he smiles.
And I realized I've fallen for yet another goat trick.


  1. Oh my goodness! I am laughing out loud at this story! Soo funny! He would get me every time with those goat stories too!! :) Silly man.

  2. I love that goat story..I would've fell just like you...he sounds like a jokster...still... do they send the goats to the market..LOL..?

  3. Oh Joy, you married the perfect person for you.

    --Amie M.