Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Unlike today, which is an ugly day. My workout partner and I went for a long walk. She wanted to do yoga. But she's way more flexible than I am, and I'm nothing if not competitive. So we went walking instead.
We met a new neighbor, who is quite a handy man. And a LEGGY man, according to his short pants. He was fixing a leak in his mailbox. Why?

"Just in case Publisher's Clearing House shows up with my check on a rainy day!" he says.

Now the whole world knows that PCH brings those ginormous novelty checks that would never fit in a standard mailbox. And, they knock on the door and deliver the check. They don't stop by and drop it in the mailbox. Or send it by snail mail.

But I didn't go there.

After chatting with the nice mailbox repairman, we came across a glorious SO AUSTIN sight. It reminded me of this post on my workout partners' Auntie Leslie's blog.

An old Toyota, with hay in the bed. With many bumper stickers. One of which says "midwives help people out". Which makes me smile. But in combination with the other sticker, in the lower right hand corner of the back windshield, which says "HONKY", made me laugh out loud. Ahh, only in Austin would you find such a nurturing/kooky/practical combo. That's why I love this town.

Then my mind wandered to childhood memories of my sister doing a George Jefferson impression, asking "Whatchoo want, HONKY?" with gusto.

Maybe for the arrival of EngelBaby 2.0 I will hire the services of my neighborhood honky midwife. And have something to laugh with my sister about.

And no, I'm not expecting. Just daydreaming.


  1. Hey, if you hire that honky midwife, do you get to deliver in the bed of a truck like this, in the hay (or straw, I've never remembered which is grass and which is wheat)? If so, can I come to the birth? I think that sight would be one to behold.

    And thanks for the blog love, friend, as always.

  2. I love the bumper sticker. That is too funny. I also suggest delivering in the bed of that truck. Man, I think that is weed. and that really makes any delivery go smoooooooother.

  3. I love to visit here and get my laugh out loud fix for the day.

    This honky likes your blog!