Friday, May 21, 2010

Take your blog readers to work day

7:30 Picked students up from holding tank gym. 

7:32 Student pukes on her desk.  A little.  And then in the hall.  A lot.  I was happy to see that at least one student ate a healthy breaksfast (oatmeal with raisins).

7:35 Math.  (Place value to the thousands place, centers.)

9:00 Talk to a disgruntled mom on the phone while giving my class the stank eye DEAR time. 
9:01 Mid-conversation, a student interrupts me and says something about going to the nurse.  I assume she needs her inhaler.  I give her a nurse pass.
9:04  Receive a sassy precisely-worded note from above mentioned nurse.  Apparently the student told her the reason for her visit was that she was cold.

9:05 Adjusted thermostat, counted days left on school calendar.
9:06  ESL.  Read a story about a pet, modeled writing about my favorite pet.  Had students write about their favorite pet.  Here's an excerpt:

(Did you know that my God-given special talent is reading broken English?  Well it is.  I can read IH-NEE-THANG.  This example isn't too tough.  But I'll crack the code for my non-teacher peeps in the comment section.)

10:30 Kids go to PE.  I pump 6 ounces of milk and write a 500 word essay to prove I am fluent in English.  (This is part of the putrid remains of W's administration.  I'd like to see his essay.)

11:15  Kids return from PE.  I read a story about a dude named Uncle Nacho to kill the 16 minutes remaining before lunch.

11:31  Lunch.  I had peanut butter and honey.  The rest of the day is a blur.  But it must have been good.  Because I confiscated some pretty awesome stuff.  You can't tell from the pic, but those cards are 3-D.  Which doesn't make up for the low salary, but it helps.


  1. When I got out of the house, a black chihuaha was on top of my dog. Like if they were married or something. It was so gross. I called my brother, then we were like shocked. Then we told our mom and dad...

  2. Uncle Nacho sounds like an intriguing character. I'd like to meet him.

    I ate breakfast with the kids and one told me his oatmeal was "tasteless." "I know," I said. "I heard it tell that awful joke too, and I was offended!" Then I told him to put some of his chocolate milk on it and see if that helped. He did, and said it was much better.

    Prediction: That chihuahua story will still be a hit when that kid is in high school.

  3. i thought you said teaching was boring. This stuff is hilarious. well I guess hilarious if you aren't there.

  4. Haha! Thanks Brenda! Boring? No. Sometimes painful? Yes.