Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eight months? Holy smokes!

This is going too fast.  Seriously.  Slow down.

Carolyn is eight months old today. (notice the name change?  I'm trying to drop the 'baby'*.  I have a great aunt who is still called 'Baby Sister'.  Ridiculous.)
This month has been busy.  She's pulling up now and starting to cruise.

 She also dances (okay, 'bobs her head' is more accurate) every time she hears music, or anything with any rhythm (like her Daddy sawing wood or me cutting onions).  Her favorite hobby is chicken-watching.

I usually reveal a parenting gaffe every time another month rolls around.  I won't disappoint this time.  Baby C Carolyn sleeps with me.  In bed with me.  Right up next to me.  And will not sleep in a crib.  Never has.  Only naps in the swing or in the car.  And I lie to the pediatrician about it, over and over and over.  Ahhhh.  Glad to have that off my chest.

*No baby was dropped in the making of this post.  One baby, who shall remain nameless, did fall off the changing table.  But that was an accident.


  1. I'm wondering how often she pukes in your bed. :)

  2. I keep things to myself at the pedi too:)