Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Public service announcement, lake weekend

Attention:  You must watch your kids, people.  Supervise them!  I know pictures are important, but not as important as safety.  Let's say, hypothetically, that someone is watching their baby, neice, and nephew (okay, that one can watch himself).  She recognizes a cute photo op.  She gets out her camera.  She tries to get everyone in the shot (and get a clear view of some precious pig tails).   She just might lose herself in the possibility of a priceless photo and not notice that the two year old is falling out of the swing.
Don't worry.  She's okay. 
But consider yourself warned.

Other than one act of careless childcare, C and I had a wonderful weekend at the lake.  Mike was working, so he couldn't make it.  Boo!  But still, we had lots of fun.  It really made me excited for summer. 

Eleven student contact days to go. 


  1. Glad all is well. Looks like the girls had a blast!

    "Student contact" sounds like some sort of contagious disease warning that we should all be careful to heed. (Is that how you spell heed?)

  2. Les, I pretty sure YOU coined the phrase 'student contact days'! Is that not right? Year 1, about the time we started counting how many more 'wake ups' until summer?

  3. Beautiful children! Wise to remind caregivers to watch those precious kids, especially with summer coming. Thanks Joy! Vickie