Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Seven months

Carolyn is seven months old today.  Here are seven facts about my sweet girl.
1.  She's eating cereal and veggies now, and crawling like a champ. 
2.  Her favorite hobbies are grabbing noses and grabbing the fan pull. 
3.  Her favorite song is 'Jesus loves the little Carolyns.' 
4.  She is borderline obsessed with electrical cords
I think she started crawling specifically so she could get closer my laptop cord whenever she wants to. 
5.  She also likes to scream and make the chickens jump.
6.  She doesn't like the church nursery.
7.  She loves tags.


  1. [grinning] I love that smile on your beloved's face as he feeds his little girl! And your little girl is precious! I have pics and video from my babysitting gig, and they will probably turn up in a post soon over at Give Me Paws. Hugs to you all!

  2. This really made me smile. Thanks for sharing!