Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guess what we did...

Bluebonnet pictures, of course!  For all of you non-Texans, that's a tradition here.  Many people are absolute nuts about getting good bluebonnet shots of their kids every year.  How nuts you ask?  It's not uncommon (in fact, it's very common) to see people on tiny strips of densely-bluebonneted frontage road on I-35, posing their kiddos for pics, with traffic flying by at 80 miles per hour.
Don't worry.  We didn't do that.  My beautiful sister and I took our little lovelies to a safe bluebonnet spot.

*On a side note, Texas urban legend says that picking bluebonnets is illegal, and violators are arrested.  Lucky for Miley this is not true.  Or she'd be in the clink for life.

** On a side side note, you can check out a post about C right here.  Her web presence is spreading. :)


  1. These are wonderful pics! I love their bright and pretty!

  2. sweet cousins, love the kissing picture. And the picture of C alone is too cute for words. Love the bright dresses

  3. Precious! I really miss the bluebonnet picture tradition. We do pictures in front of mountains now, but there is just something about bluebonnets! Happy Spring!

  4. These pics are all so beautiful. I love the first one too, with just their legs... Can you do as well with pets as with kids? If so, you're hired!

  5. These pictures are beautiful!!!