Saturday, September 11, 2010

What's in my pocket? volume 1

Welcome to the first Trophy Mama edition of 'what's in your pocket?'

I've been meaning to do this for a while, but just hadn't found the right moment.

But today I've got a doozie.

Have I mentioned that since I've become a mom, I'm about 5 times grosser than I used to be?

I've never been accused of being fanatically clean.

But these days I'm bordering on guh-row-dee.

I've been suspecting this of myself for a while,
and today I found the proof in my pocket.

C and I went to a baby shower today. 
Tonight I found the above pictured napkin balled up in my pocket.
A napkin with two chocolate dipped strawberry stumps (which I ate)
and a cantaloup chunk that C worked on for a while.
Instead of discarding the refuse, I shoved it in my pocket.
You know, as temporary storage until a trash recepticle was located.

In case you doubt that my lack of couth (cooth? kewth? kooth?) is legitimate,
I give you exhibit b.  (No picture.  You're welcome.)

After finding the napkin in my pocket, moments later I found a hunk of granola bar in my bra.
And I haven't had a granola bar in at least three days.

Glad I got that off my chest.  And out of my pocket. 

What's in your pocket?


  1. You are too funny and that is crazy. I found a dollar in my pocket. I really don't put things in my pockets. Now my purse is another story.

  2. Thanks! Your mention of purses just gave me the brilliant idea of sticking a plastic baggie in my purse for trash purposes. I am constantly shoving trash in my pockets! Not usually napkins with food of course, but mainly little pieces of junk my baby picks up and wants to shove in her mouth. Like rolie polie carcasses. I can feel my grody quotient declining already...

  3. No pockets today, but hat's off to your pocket-find! It's truly uh-mazing! I gotta let my readers know about this! (Again with all the exclamation marks!)

  4. Thanks FabuLeslie! I knew you would enjoy this one! Next post: over-exclamating! :)!

  5. My DH did a load of laundry today. When I walked in the house, he said, and I quote, "well, somebody keeps a lot of stuff in their pocket!" So, I looked at my two darling children who were also in the room and gave them the scornful, how-dare-you-make-daddy-dig-stuff-out-of-your-pocket look. He laughed and said, "not them, you!" Two pony tail holders, a wad of paper clips, tissue, three post-it notes, and a few blue tickets (my classroom money). Who knew?

  6. That's awesome, Virginia! Not just the stash in your pockets, but that your husband did the laundry. You go girl! Ps, rather than post its you should get one of those handheld dictaphones. Because you could pull it off.

  7. I found your blog from FabuLeslie's blog. She was right! Gross! Guh-row-dee. Mmmmmhmmmm. But, no, I'm not above that. Right now I have some dimes and pennies in my pockets that my 2 y/o handed me. You made me realize that I am still in my regular clothes and have not gotten ready for bed yet and it's 11:25 p.m.!!! Gotsta go niz-ow!

  8. Thanks Kelley! What a sweet 2 year old to be handing out money! A few more days like that and you could buy yourself a soda.