Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Carolyn's own personal paradise

My daughter is a people person,
to put it mildly.  We always knew that,
but we didn't see the extent of it until we were in Uganda.

Uganda was a dream come true for her.
Because EVERYONE wanted to talk to her. 
A) They LOVE babies.
2)  They are fascinated by light-skinned people.

Not that she's ignored when she's state side.

It was fun to watch her personality develop even more,
right before our eyes.
After a few days of being Miley Cyrus popular,
she preferred to be carried like this:

so she could greet her people.

And if one got by without returning her greeting,
don't think she didn't notice.

Water off a duck's back.

Her specialty:
Meeting someone who's not sure if they like her or not.

And making friends with them.

It melts my heart.

I've always thought it was important to take kids
on family vacations.
But now I see how magical it is.
I can't really put a finger on it,
but C is a little changed since our trip.
I guess we all are.


  1. This is the most precious post. What a sweet little person:)

  2. Thanks Cass! Hard to believe your biggest little sweet person is talking about turning 5 already...

  3. Aww. Such amazing pics!! That last one is so very moving. And I chuckled out loud (col?) at the ones where she's reaching out to make friends with the ones who aren't sure if they like her or not. Oh, also, when she's perched up on M's chest like that, it reminds me a little of how I used to hold Zoe when she was a baby. Cute cute cute! Miss you. You need to come over for some free rice soon! :)